Annamarra specializes in Spanish to English translation, proofreading, and editing of corporate communications, financial and economic reports, marketing and general commerce media, and official documents. The American Translators Association describes translation as a creative and intellectual process that requires familiarity with the cultures of the source and target languages. Translators do not merely transfer words mechanically. Professional translators with formal academic training in the field, subject matter expertise, and experience will most likely produce acceptable work that meets their clients’ needs and expectations. A native speaker of English also has the expertise and understanding of the language required to deliver a translation that is linguistically, grammatically, and stylistically appropriate for your needs.

rates and terms & conditions

On acceptance of your project, your documents are translated into English, revised against the Spanish source documents, and then proofread. Rates vary in accordance with your specifications, the length and complexity of the project, the final product form (e.g., rough draft, publication-ready, or graphic design), and the amount of technical specialization involved. Charges are based on the Spanish source word count as determined by AnyCount or SDLTrados Studio's analysis feature, so you will know your translation cost up front. For clients who wish publication-ready documents, a second Spanish to English translator will review and edit my work for an additional charge.

Additional charges may apply for extremely short deadlines, intricate formatting, translation from difficult-to-read materials or handwritten documents, special graphics, and conversion of PDF documents. Labor-intensive tasks, such as tables, complex formatting, graphics, and marketing copy may be charged at an hourly rate or flat fee. The surcharge for 24-hour service is 50%. This includes projects assigned on a Friday that are due on the following Monday.

The minimum fee for any project is USD 50. The charge for translating formatted official documents such as birth or marriage certificates is USD 50 per page. Invoices are issued on the completion date of the project, unless other conditions have been agreed upon beforehand with the client. Invoices are payable within 30 days.